About Us

Todd Watson


Todd Watson has been with Baker Parts, Inc. since 1993. He has worked in used equipment brokerage, new sales, and equipment installation/ refurbishment. Todd purchased the company in 2012 and moved the entire operation at that time. Currently Todd is focused on sales, client development and company expansion. He has a B.A. in finance from Bentley University.


Rebecca Watson Fuentes

Director of Operations

Rebecca Watson Fuentes has worked for the company since 2013. She received her B.A. in Communication Studies from Pace University, NYC in 2013. She then earned an M.A. in Media Management from the New School, NYC in 2016. Rebecca is responsible for digital marketing, advertising, tradeshows, web development, operations and project management.


Luis Fuentes

Director of Operations

Luis Fuentes began working for Baker Parts Inc. in 2015. Before working at Baker Parts, Inc., Luis worked primarily with restaurant equipment. He began as a Machine Technician at Baker Parts, Inc. and quickly became the Warehouse Foreman due to his extensive managerial experience. Currently, Luis splits his time between the warehouse and the office doing both technical work and sales.


Viridiana Fuentes


Viridiana Fuentes is the lead administrator at the Baker Parts International in Queretaro, Mexico. Viridiana played a very crucial role in the development of Baker Parts International. She studied adminisration at Centro Universitario Indoamerica in Texcoco, Mexico.


David Tinkoff


David Tinkoff has worked for Baker Parts, Inc. since 2013. David is in charge of the inventory, finances and accounts at Baker Parts, Inc and his extraordinary orginizational skills have greatly contributed to the company’s steady growth and profitability for the past eight years.