Bun and Bagel Operation


Available Equipment...
KB Systems Indoor Silo System.
KB Systems Rotary Sifter.
Approximately 400 Feet, 4" Aluminum Piping.
Pfening Weigh Hoppers with Panleview controls.
Shaffer 1300 Mixers. 3 Roller Bar and Breaker Bar.
Baketech Bagel Makeup System.
(2) Stainless Steel Tros.
To Hoist.
5 Lane Divider.
Pan Loader.
AMF Accupan 600 Bun Line.
Stewart Proofer (Rebuilt).
Burford Mandrell Seeder.
Stewart Oven (Rebuilt).
Connecting Pan Conveyor.
Henry Group Depanner.
IJ White Spiral Cooler.
Aproximately 120 Ft. Connecting Stewart Multiflex Conveyor.
Henry Group Pan Cleaner.
Stewart Pan Stacker.
Stewart Pan Unstacker.
UBE 90 AL Autoload.
Loma Metal Detector.
UBE Web Slicer Model 92 BS.
UBE Model 88BB Penny Pack Bagel Bagger.
Phantom / Fortress Metal Detector.
Columbia Boiler.

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